How many stalls does the facility have?

36 stalls. Horses are given individualized attention and care.

What type of feed will my horse receive?

We feed premium hay 1st and 2nd cutting . Stored inside so it is never wet. 

For grain we feed Kalmbach/ Tribute brands.

We feed twice a day. Hay is fed on demand during the cold months to keep your horse happy and healthy. We will also feed supplements that are provided by the owner.

Heated Automatic Water system is available in the stalls and in the pasture.

How often will my horse be turned out?

We turn out daily from dawn till dusk (depending on weather). During warm temperatures we offer customized night turn out as well.

What type of fencing is used for turn out?

Centaur Hot Rail Horse fencing is used for securing your horse from harm. Instead of wood boards that can splinter and cut your horse centaur fencing is made with vinyl boards that bend. It is an electric fence with 3 strands to keep them from hurting themselves.

Greenbrook Farm Equestrian Center – Barn Rules